What is Lexus Enform?

Woman using Lexus Enform

Lexus drivers are raving about Lexus Enform technology. This is a suite of in-vehicle and smartphone applications that add next-level convenience, security, and entertainment to any Rockville trip. Learn more about all this new technology has to offer your daily commutes and more with us at DARCARS Lexus of Silver Spring. Then, take a new Lexus with this technology for a test drive to experience it in person.

What Does Lexus Enform Include?

Lexus Enform services offer multiple conveniences drivers can take advantage of to improve commutes and even out-of-town trips. These include:

  • Safety Connect: Complimentary for the first 10 years of ownership, Safety Connect can send emergency services or roadside assistance directly to your vehicle’s GPS location, and it also has a stolen vehicle locator feature.
  • Remote: Control your vehicle from anywhere with Lexus Enform Remote on your smartphone, smartwatch, and even Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Functions include remote engine start, lock/unlock, climate control, and even a Guest Driver Monitor.
  • Service Connect: Also included with the first 10 years of ownership, Service Connect can send maintenance alerts and fuel level updates to your Lexus app or email.
  • Destination Assist: This feature is included with the first year of ownership, and includes a 24-hour live response agent to help you choose and navigate to a nearby restaurant, guide you to a specific office building, and more.
  • Wi-Fi: Depending on the Lexus vehicle and trim level you have, in-vehicle Wi-Fi is available for up to five devices, with 4GB of data for a year.
  • Dynamic Navigation: This available navigation system is offered for up to three years of ownership. It keeps the latest cloud-based updates, with a Dynamic Map, Dynamic Routes that offer alternative directions based on road and traffic conditions, and Dynamic POI Search for the latest relevant points of interest.
  • App Suite: The Enform App Suite allows you to connect a compatible smartphone to the in-vehicle infotainment display and access your favorite vehicle-optimized mobile apps, from Yelp to music streaming, and the system works with voice command.

Lexus Enform App Suite vs. Enform App Suite 2.0

Lexus Enform has been around for a while. Many drivers want to know what’s included in the original App Suite compared to the latest iteration. The Enform App Suite is standard on most Lexus models and includes:

  • LiveXLive, Yelp®, iHeartRadio, Fuel, Destination Search, Saved Destinations, Sports, Stocks

The Enform App Suite 2.0 is available on select 2019 and 2020 models and includes features, such as:

  • Lexus+Alexa, LiveXLive, Yelp®, iHeartRadio, Fuel, Sports, Stocks, Wi-Fi Signup, NPR One, Scout® GPS Link

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