Model Maintenance Schedule


To make sure your Lexus stays in great shape for as long as possible, you need to keep up with its recommended maintenance schedule. This will ensure your particular vehicle gets the attention it needs to keep running smoothly. Above, you can look up the recommended schedule for your car to find out when you should schedule your next service and what kind of services your car needs at this time.

Use the tool above to find out what kind of maintenance schedule you need to keep with your particular model. Just choose the model and model year of your vehicle then add information about your car’s mileage and your typical driving conditions. Then you’ll get a factory-recommended schedule including a list of intervals and auto services that will keep your car in great shape based on the information you provided. You can use this schedule as a guide to keep your Lexus in the best shape possible.

When the time comes for your next auto service, you’re welcome to bring your Lexus to our Silver Spring service center. We will take care of any maintenance it might need to make sure you can keep enjoying a great ride.

Be sure to check your recommended maintenance schedule above to find out when you should bring your Lexus in for auto service. Then when your car is ready for its next auto service, feel free to make an appointment at our Silver Spring, MD dealership. We would be happy to take care of your maintenance needs so your car can keep running at its best.