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To keep your Lexus in great shape, you need to schedule regular oil changes. This will keep your engine lubricated and protected from damage, so it can perform at its best and you can keep enjoying an awesome drive.

So how do you know if your car needs an oil change? One way to tell is if the oil change light or check engine light on your dashboard comes on. Also, if you notice that your engine is louder than usual or you can smell oil in the cabin, then it’s time for an oil change. However, it’s best for your car if you change your oil before these symptoms arise, by keeping track of how many miles you drove since your last oil change.

How frequently do you need to change your oil? That depends on your car. Some technicians recommend ever 3,000-5,000 miles, while others recommend every 7,000-10,000 miles. The best way to determine your oil change schedule is to check the recommended mileage in your owner’s manual, then consider your driving conditions; for extreme temperatures, frequent towing or stop and go traffic, you may need more frequent changes.

At our Silver Spring service center, we can take care of all your auto maintenance needs. We would be happy to change your oil or you. With years of experience, our technicians can get the job done right. And with our focus on customer service, you can expect a no-hassle experience when you service with us.

When your car is ready for its next oil change, be sure to make an appointment at DARCARS Lexus of Silver Spring. Our technicians will take good care of your car so it can keep running smoothly. If you have any questions about oil changes or Lexus service, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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